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Rachel Wells – Headteacher, West Heslerton Primary

After working in a variety of very large schools in the UK and Europe since 1993, she took up her first small school headship in 2001. In this headteacher role, she has supported the LA as Lead Teacher for Literacy and Workforce Remodelling Advisor. She has experience of headship across 2 schools. She has mentored headteachers to ensure their wellbeing whilst developing their own effectiveness in leadership. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Experienced KS2 practitioner
  • Church school leadership
  • Mixed age curriculum planning, delivery and tracking
  • Outreach work supporting headteachers
  • Models of leadership to develop middle leaders and teamwork

Examples of Outreach work undertaken and Impact

A thematic approach to teaching the whole curriculum was devised by her and her staff to help deliver the curriculum in meaningful ways, giving opportunity for mastery across subject areas. Classteachers from many schools have visited and been coached in her current use of research findings to inform challenge-based learning, an intrinsically-motivated methodology for learning which was identified as outstanding at inspection.

She has reviewed other primary schools, giving clear feedback to teachers, headteachers and governors to promote positive practise and help focus school improvement. Focussed development plans have been developed as a result of this feedback and school evaluation has become much more directed to highlight progress made across the school. 

She has mentored new headteachers to ensure their wellbeing whilst developing their own leadership effectiveness. Regular review sessions have helped all leaders develop their school effectiveness through observations and discussions around current school practice. Opportunities have been given for leaders to consider their knowledge and skills and reflect upon their own development as leaders in order to further develop their schools.



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