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Christina Zanelli – Headteacher, West Cliff Primary

My background experience is working and leading in both large and small schools. My career started in a large (500 pupils) Junior school in Lincoln with 80% FSM. I went on to set up and lead an inclusion unit for 2 years within this school, which catered for children excluded from other schools. After 7 years in Lincoln I became Deputy Head of a large school in Whitby where I was also SENCO and led in Maths. I was acting head of that school for a period of time before becoming the head of a small school in North Yorkshire that was in Special Measures! After a period of 3 years we were judged by Ofsted as a good school with outstanding features, including outstanding leadership.

I became headteacher of West Cliff Primary School in Whitby in 2011, a school that had previously been in serious weakness. West Cliff is now judged by Ofsted to be good with outstanding leadership. We have a strong record of providing school to school support for both large and small schools. I believe passionately that all children deserve the very best education we can give them, and that we only have one chance to do that.


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Esk Valley Alliance
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