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What We Do

Anna Boorer - SLE

I have 16 years of teaching experience across all key stages, primarily at West Cliff Primary School, where I am EYFS leader for Nursery and Reception. I specialise in Early Years and the planning and delivery of a creative curriculum, and I am a trained student- teacher mentor. In addition, I am an Early-Years moderator and can also deliver the Sttew scale in Early Years. I have been involved in school to school support and the planning and delivery of CPD courses in the area, and I am currently undertaking the Early Years SENCO training. Following extensive consultations with colleagues- and visiting many Early Years settings - I have recently been involved in establishing a nursery in the school. I know that no two Early Years settings are the same, and that no single system can be directly taken from one establishment to another. I am now adept at modeling how to adopt and personalize systems to suit any setting.

Areas of Expertise

  • Experienced classroom practitioner
  • Teaching across all key stages
  • Early years provision and teaching, mentoring and moderating
  • Quality First Teaching
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Phonics
  • Music
  • Lesson planning

Examples of Outreach work undertaken and Impact

I have worked in Early Years for over 6 years, developing the Reception class to ensure that we are an integral part of the school.

In this time, I developed an assessment system that linked with the whole school, enabling colleagues to easily understand the curriculum and assessment in Early Years. In addition, I developed planning formats and strategies to clearly show how we could change our provision to respond to the children’s needs.

To promote the ‘parents-as-partners’ project, I introduced an on-line learning journey, which I now manage for the whole unit; this has greatly increased interactions between home and school and contributes greatly to our evidence base.

Following extensive research and consultation, I have recently helped establish our Nursery within the school, ensuring that it is a fluent and consistent EYFS setting, ranging from 2 year olds until the end of Reception.

I now manage and lead CPD with all staff across the whole setting, which includes planning, assessment and appropriate management of the different age groups.

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Esk Valley Alliance
Glaisdale Primary School,
North Yorkshire,
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Phone Number: 01947 897218
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