Esk Valley Alliance Research Projects 2014 - 15                             

Esk Valley Alliance Research Projects 2015 - 16

Mastery in Maths


We believe that the key principle of in-school research is that there must be real benefits for students. Research must focus on improving student outcomes and must be forward thinking, improving skills and experiences of teachers to sustain great teaching. 

Therefore we:

  • Strive to be at the forefront of current educational practice so that we are well placed to make informed decisions for the benefit of our children.
  • Build on existing research and contribute to alliance and wider priorities, ensuring that all teaching and learning is the best it can be.
  • Work with other teaching schools in our area, or nationally, where appropriate.
  • Ensure that our staff use existing evidence to ensure their teaching is high quality.
  • We ensure that our research links directly to our CPD and informs future learning. 

Our ethos of collaborative working not only across our alliance, but also with other alliances, enables us to refine our research practices and share outcomes in a way which maximises the impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning.


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'Research puts the 'WOW' moments back into teaching’.